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  • All instructors are certified annually in accordance with state regulations. This includes FBI and State of MI criminal records verification.
  • Safe and Defensive Driving techniques are an integral part of our curriculum.
  • All instructors teach the impaired driving consequences in the state of MI in regards to drugs and alcohol.
  • The curriculum offered has been approved in accordance with the terms set by the Department of State and the Board of Education in the state of Michigan.
  • By maintaining an LLC organization status, operating costs are reduced and this saving is passed on to the student.
  • We encourage local school systems to offer a smorgasbord of state approved schools to choose from that utilize idle resources (empty classrooms) in the public domain.

In Memoriam

Phil started Phil's Driving School, LLC, because of his passion for teaching and interacting with the terrific teenagers in our community. Phil took pride not only in teaching safely, but he took pride in the opportunity to get to know the students and contribute positively to their overall development and success. Phil is missed by his family and his community.






Since 2003 Phil's Driving School has served Branch County residents for their driver education needs. We pride ourselves on safety, integrity, and effective methods. While we serve primarily the teen market, we also provide instruction to adults as well.

Please contact us so we may have the opportunity to serve you!